In Vitro Fertilization is the process in which oocytes are assisted in maturation, fertilized, and developed outside of the donor by way of incubators. We have a long working relationship with the Trans Ova team as well as utilizing our own IVF Lab to procure these embryos.

Benefits of IVF

Select the gender

Reverse sort technologies allow for female or male only semen to be used when it is otherwise not available. The Trans Ova lab offers this service.

Shortened interval

Procedure can be done every 2 weeks increasing diversity of bull selections and usage.

Less Semen

Less semen utilized than with conventional flushing.

utilize both

Can utilize both pre-pubertal donors and pregnant donors (approximately up to 120 days)


Some pitfalls as compared to conventional flush embryos

  • Lower conception percentage with high abortion rates.
  • Higher incidence of genetic anomalies and still births.