About Us

Sunshine Genetics began as a dream made reality in the 1970’s by, friends/classmates in Veterinary School, Chris Keim and Dan Hornickel. Following graduation from the University of Illinois Veterinary School, Dr. Keim and Dr. Hornickel began practicing large animal medicine 100 miles apart. Their passion for elite dairy cattle and the newly developing field of advanced reproductive technology led them to start experimenting with new techniques. This evolved into a part-time embryo transfer (ET) business outside of their general practices.

Some of the early ET work required surgical transfers and was before embryo freezing technology was established. As demand for their services grew, Drs. Keim and Hornickel decided to leave their respective large animal practices and purchased a farm in Whitewater, WI. Over time, Sunshine began to grow into an exciting, internationally recognized company that provided ET services to both small and large genetic businesses as well as one of the earliest export providers of bovine embryos to international emerging markets.

What started as a farm to house their registered Brown Swiss cattle, quickly evolved and grew into a boarding facility for client-owned donors. In 2009, Drs. Keim and Hornickel welcomed Dr. Greg Schueller to join the team. With many years of experience in ET prior to coming to Sunshine Genetics, Dr. Schueller began developing the quickly evolving in-vitro (IVF) program at Sunshine Genetics and under his direction, it is now a significant part of the business. In 2016, Dr. Aaron Prososki joined Sunshine Genetics and brought with his passion for genomics and marketing. Drs. Keim and Hornickel retired in 2017 after having a very long, successful and satisfying career.

Drs. Schueller and Prososki look forward to continuing and building upon the foundation they started. From 2021 to 2023 a new building project took place that brought donor housing from a capacity of 225 to 425 donors as well as the addition of a new, state of the art office, collection area, and IVF laboratory. Conveniently located a short distance from Chicago, Milwaukee, and Madison has allowed many visitors to pass through Sunshine Genetics and see the facilities and donors.