Full Service AETA Certified Embryo Technology Company

Embryos are produced at Sunshine Genetics from a superovulation process with several cows collected daily. Freezing is available via a conventional glycerol process or with ethylene glycol for direct transfer. In vitro fertilization technology is also used to produce calves of the desired sex and to produce calves from pregnant females. Sunshine Genetics also has a recipient herd of Holstein heifers available for fresh embryo implantation.

Sunshine Genetics maintains certification from the American Embryo Transfer Association (AETA). This provides assurance to clients and customers that the embryos produced by Sunshine Genetics meet the requirements for export around the world. Sunshine Genetics has exported embryos worldwide to over 30 different countries. AETA and the International Embryo Transfer Society (IETS) establish performance standards for those who engage in the commercial practice of embryo transfer throughout the industry.

The AETA certification requires veterinarians at an embryo transfer businesses such as Sunshine Genetics to complete an examination to demonstrate professional competence. The exam covers: record keeping, superovulation, embryo recovery, embryo handling, labeling and freezing, transfer through pregnancy determination and embryo identification. Annual continuing education in the ET specialty is required. The facilities are inspected twice a year by a USDA-APHIS Federal veterinarian.
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