Top Acres Present-ET
5E-94 5E-96MS

Known the world over

“4th Generation Superior Brood Cow”
02-01 365d

2 24,420M 4.5% 1,107F 3.6% 884P
04-00 365d 2X 40,190M 4.9% 1,966F 3.5% 1,405P
07-02 365d 2X 38,070M 4.8% 1,823F 3.4% 1,280P
08-11 365d 2X 38,634M 4.3% 1,659F 3.3% 1,259P
Lifetime: 2,081d 182,740M 8,366F 6,426P

Sire: Victory Acres Jubilation Emory
Dam: Arnola Peggy Priscilla 5E-91 5E-90MS
“Superior Brood Cow”
03-08 365d 2X 27,560M 4.0% 1,112F 3.4% 946P
04-10 365d 2X 30,800M 4.4% 1,348F 3.2% 974P
Lifetime: 1,918d 128,240M 5,326F 4311P

Present’s daughters include:

Sun-Made Garbro T Picabo-ET 2E-92
Sun-Made Garbro Poppy-ET EX-92
Sun-Made Garbro Perky-ET 2E-91
Sun-Made Garbro Pepsi-ET 2E-91
Sun-Made Garbro GF Petal-ET EX-92
Sun-Made Garbro Parfait-ET 2E-90
Sun-Made Garbro Pom Pom-ET EX-91
Sun-Made Garbro T Poison-ET EX-90
Sun-Made Garbro D Pastry-ET EX-91
Sun-Made Garbro EG Pinto-ET EX-90
Sun-Made Garbro Dom Peek-ET EX-90

Owned and developed with Garrison Brothers, Tiffin, Ohio
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