In Vitro Fertilization

Sunshine Genetics is using IVF technology to produce more female embryos.

Sunshine Genetics is pleased to announce our new association with Trans Ova Genetics IVF laboratory. Trans Ova Genetics is a world-wide leader in bovine in-vitro fertilization. An impressive research team has developed methods that have resulted in excellent performance of IVF embryos shipped by overnight couriers. IVF can be performed on open donors as well as pregnant donors between 30 and 100 days of gestation. Semen used for IVF can be sorted to produce the desired gender of offspring.

We are collecting oocytes from donors housed here in Whitewater or from donors brought in for the procedure. This procedure at Sunshine includes donor stimulation with FSH, oocyte sorting, washing and packaging. Oocytes are shipped by courier to Trans Ova Genetics, Sioux Center, Iowa, where they are fertilized with selected semen and allowed to mature. Semen options are regular frozen semen, frozen sexed semen and “reverse” sorted semen. Their laboratory produces the embryos with several options available to clients.

1 – embryos can be implanted into the Sunshine Holstein heifer recipients
2 – local clients can have their embryos implanted into their own recipients
3 – for clients that are not local, embryos can be shipped by overnight courier and then implanted into their own recipients at their home farms by their ET veterinarian.
4 – the Trans Ova recipient herd and live calf program are also options available for the IVF embryos.

If you are planning to send your cow or heifer to Sunshine for this procedure, please call us, we can answer your questions and discuss health tests, fees, etc.

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