Sunshine Genetics

Sunshine Genetics cares for embryo donors owned by breeders living across the world. These clients recognize the advantage of working with U.S. genetics. The cattle owned by our international clients can produce embryos sired by popular new sires. Consequently, these embryos can then be exported and implanted prior to the semen from these U.S. bulls being widely distributed in their own country.

Many of our international customers of today are breeders and genetics experts that were introduced to our program while Dan and Chris traveled in Europe and Latin American in the early years of Sunshine Genetics.

The Sunshine Genetics brand name is recognized in the cattle world everywhere, and is synonymous with quality. Embryos are selected, processed and stored properly, so that they perform well for their buyers.

The farm’s Wisconsin location adds ease of export to client shipments. Wisconsin is officially free of TB and Brucellosis. The Sunshine Genetics' staff has extensive experience working with international embryo movement and is familiar with the details to ensure export success. All collection, processing and storage of embryos by Sunshine Genetics is done in accordance with standards set by the International Embryo Transfer Society.

Sunshine Genetics also maintains strong partnerships with key genetic trading companies built on the foundation of success and trust. These companies know that the embryo shipments will be done correctly, on-time and without delay. All clients have access to the same network of embryo buyers which has opened doors to new opportunities worldwide.