Sunshine Genetics

What Our Clients Say

“Here at Lindale and Team Holsteins we would like to acknowledge the professional and efficient work done by Sunshine Genetics. In the office. Stacy and Karen arrange the scheduling of shots and details of the appointment so that the vet visit always goes smoothly. Dan, Chris, or Greg's expertise in the field of reproductive technologies ensures high quality embryo and oocyte production here on our farm. So. . . we get all this, and they're a great team to work with!” Lindale & Team Holsteins, Hampshire, Ill.


"We started working with Sunshine Genetics about 20 years ago. We do ET work on our farm and began sending our problem cows to Sunshine Genetics; they somehow managed to get embryos out of cows we struggled with.

One of our cows wasn’t producing enough embryos on the farm for foreign interest. She was making about 6 to 8 embryos on farm per flush. When we sent her to Sunshine Genetics she produced 17 to 31 embryos per flush every 6 to 7 weeks. Now any cows that have interest from foreign buyers are sent to Whitewater for ET work.

We’re off the beaten path and are one of the few dairies left in Missouri. It’s very expensive for foreign buyers to come visit us. International visitors are stopping frequently at Sunshine and see our donors there.

Sunshine Genetics is made up of great people. It is inconvenient to take cows the 608 miles to Sunshine Genetics, but it’s profitable and they provide incredible service. The animal care that they provide is absolutely top notch." Todd Groves, Groves-View Dairy, Billings, Mo.


"Our relationship with Sunshine Genetics goes back nearly 20 years and has spanned all aspects of our business. When we first started working with them, our company owned cattle that were housed at their farm under the Dekker North America name. Today, Genes Diffusion is an exporter of embryos worldwide, with primary destination being our parent company in France. Sunshine Genetics is a key service provider in that process, helping us to gather and prepare embryos from multiple farms at their facility for international shipment.

Why we choose to work with Sunshine Genetics is the deep experience and knowledge with international embryo movement that they bring to our relationship. We’re in contact with Karen and Stacey in their office several times a week and they are always knowledgeable and helpful with our requests and questions. Their staff understands that moving embryos is a delicate process, and that no detail is insignificant when it comes to international shipment. Sunshine Genetics plays an important role in ensuring that the experience our customers have with Genes Diffusion is the positive one we want it to be." Stephanie Love, Genes Diffusion, Verona, Wis.